About Kehilla Montréal

Kehilla Montréal Residential Programs is a registered charity created as a communal response to the multitude of pressing housing needs of the members of the Jewish community and broader Montreal community.

Kehilla Montréal Residential Programs’ primary goal is to help better lives and build community through innovative, affordable housing projects by leveraging government funded programs and private partnerships.

Drawing on the extensive experience of its lay leaders and professional staff, in real estate development, property management, social services, and community-building, Kehilla Montréal Residential Programs seeks to provide vulnerable members of the Jewish and broader Montreal community with quality, safe and affordable housing options.

It is through the provision of affordable, quality housing that Kehilla Montréal Residential Programs ultimately strives to improve individual and family quality of life, enhance physical security and raise the level of disposable income.

Why Kehilla Montréal?

The scarcity of low-cost, safe and well-maintained housing options compound the challenges faced by individuals and families living in poverty. When individuals and families depending on limited income or government financial assistance spend a disproportionate amount of their monthly income on housing, they do not have the financial resources to meet their basic needs, including food, clothing and transportation. Without housing alternatives, individuals and families living on low incomes are faced with difficult realities, such as having to choose between paying rent, buying food and covering essentials. These are basic necessities and should be available to everyone, regardless of their income.

Le Groupe Kehilla Montréal I, a 68-unit residential building built in Cote Saint Luc and completed in 2020, is the first Kehilla Montréal Residential Programs initiative, with other projects currently under investigation.